About Centurion Internet Ltd

Established in the Midlands in October of 2014, Centurion Internet Ltd has now grown to serve clients all over the UK. We are a specialist team of Digital SEO Experts and Web Developers with Agile, WordPress and Magento Backgrounds. We provide Digital Marketing & Web Development services and focus on increase as a strategy. We aim to increase your profile, your content and your return on investment.

Why are you called Centurion Internet?

Now Consultant / CEO Dan Salt and his wife Sarah had a dream. The dream was that they would be able to help their friends and family in business to achieve more using the internet. Dan had over 8 years experience in building websites and he had made a number of friends along the way. Dan began to help friends and family and then grew his business mainly through word of mouth and then he needed a name.

Centurion Internet was named after the Centurion who comes to Jesus and asks for his help to heal his servant. The Centurion is commended by Jesus, for his faith and Jesus then heals the Centurion’s Servant. The Centurion is noted in the Bible as being a person of such great faith, Jesus comments that his faith was not like any he had ever seen before.

The plan for Centurion Internet is to try to follow the example of the Centurion, and be different, stand out for the right reasons and be not like any ever seen before. We will continue to do this through the services and products we offer. We will always try to deal just like the Centurion, in good faith for our customers and our stakeholders.

But we promise we wont stop there, we must also be like the Centurion in many other parts of our lives and in our vision. May we always continue to believe and move forward just like the Centurion did.

– Dan Salt Consultant / CEO